new-bern-waterfrontNew Bern, North Carolina has got to be one of my most favorite places to visit. I absolutely love the small town feel to it. Being that close to the harbor and various marinas are always a crowd pleaser.

My sister and I have been vacationing in New Bern for many years now. We love it because it is off the beaten path. And while it is pretty well known, it is not so touristy like the normal beaches that one would frequent on vacation!

I want to share all of the wonderful things that New Bern has to offer from the country restaurants to the fine dining. And from the hotels to the resorts. Everything that New Bern and the surrounding area has to offer.

New Bern is one of those places that once you have been, you will be wanting to return time and time again. It is a very well kept secret. This blog is to help remedy that situation, even if just a little.

My sister and I work very hard and when we are able to get away, we like to drive down to New Bern and Beaufort.

I personally own a small local business and I have a husband, 3 kids, and 3 hermit crabs. Yes, we got the hermit crabs from New Bern.

I really enjoy traveling and visiting new places but it is always nice to drive a couple of hours for a quick weekend get away and that is exactly what New Bern, North Carolina offers to me.

And I have never once, been disappointed!