New Bern Grand Marina

new-bern-waterfront (1)One of the most beautiful and alluring parts of New Bern, is the harbor. The harbor is, or should be, on a must visit place for anyone that has a true love for the water. But especially for those that have a boat and love to travel by sea. No matter if you travel by car, plane, train, party bus, or walk, this is a place that you have to include on your travels.

This world class marina has stood beyond the test of time. not even four hurricanes have been able to destroy the solid structures that they so proudly display. Their dock master ensures that everything is running like clockwork and running efficiently and smoothly. There are about 200, maybe more, boat slips that offer water, phone, electricity, and cable amenities. There is also an adjacent laundry service and a shower room for you.

This is truly a gorgeous marina and facility. You can tell that it is the choice of the area by all of the luxurious yachts that have chosen to dock there.

If you are fortunate enough to have a boat or get the opportunity to ever go on a ride on one of the chartered yachts that are available, then you will pass by the A.A. Cunningham Memorial bridge. This bridge is well over 50 years old and it features a drawbridge. Our girls were so fascinated by this bridge, they were in complete awe watching it. I am sure that, like us, you will be fascinated by it as well. Once you pass the bridge, then you head on back to the marina.

One of the most fun things about the marina and staying on a boat, is the friendships that you develop with like minded people that you meet there. It is not uncommon to meet someone on the docks and be invited over to dinner or a boat party while you are staying there. It happens all of the time.

The girls love it because you can fish right off of the boat, take a paddle board in and around the marina, as well as sunbathe right on your deck. The sunsets are absolutely breathe taking, like something out of a Thomas Kincaide painting.

There are plenty of activities and things to do there as well. From feeding the ducks on the shore side, to heading downtown to enjoy one of the fine restaurants.

The marina itself is very secure, which offers a huge piece of mind to us parents. It handles some very large boats, and is just all around a really nice place!