The Baker’s Kitchen

inside-the-restaurantThis post is a continuation of the story I told you on the post The Country Biscuit.

After we decided that we were going to leave The Country Biscuit in search of somewhere to eat, I decided to look on Yelp to see what, if anything, was good to eat at in the area. I came across Baker’s Kitchen and it had really good reviews from locals as well as from the tourists in the area. It was only a few minutes drive, so we got up and left. Still, no one said a word to us as we left. But, that was OK too because we decided to leave anyway!

We drove down to The Baker’s Kitchen. It was in the Historic Downtown District. There were cute little shops all around. It was clean, beautiful part of New Bern and we were pleased.348s

We went into the restaurant and it was so busy that there was actually a line to get in. Good sign.  We put in our name, they told us it would be a 20-30 minute wait, we were ok with waiting, because we felt that it would be worth the wait.

The girls were eyeing the baked good spread that was by the door. We took our seat outside and waited while the girls walked around looking in the shops windows. As we were waiting, the restaurant staff brought a cup of coffee out to those of us who were waiting!! WOW!! Color us impressed!

We were called in about 15 minutes of waiting and were seated. The restaurant was clean, it was spacious, the tables were not on top of one another, and we already had a smile on our face from getting a cup of coffee during our wait.

Our waitress came over immediately and took our drink order, let us know about the baked goods that we had been eyeing. She returned with our drinks and took our order.

cinnamon rollOur food came out hot and fresh. It was a very delicious breakfast and we all finished what was on our plates, yes, it was that good. My sister decided to get a cinnamon roll. This was the biggest cinnamon roll I had ever seen. It was a homemade ooey gooey yummy roll that was out of this world fantastic.

I personally decided to give the restaurant 5 stars for being above and beyond on everything.

Since that first visit, we have gone back there 2 more times and have had the same experience every time. In fact, when we are decided upon going to New Bern, we get excited knowing that we are going to be able to go to the Baker’s kitchen for breakfast.

If you are in New Bern, you HAVE to go by there. You will not regret it, I promise!