The Country Biscuit

CKC30KnWgAAE5JIThis is one of those places that my sister and I look forward to visiting every time we come down to New Bern. It is such a delightful little restaurant that you can visit and the wait staff there are super friendly with the best Southern hospitality that you would expect.

It is interesting how we found this place. We were heading to our resort to check in but it was still too early for check in. So we decided that we were going to grab a bite to eat. And because it was still pretty early in the morning, we decided that we wanted breakfast. Our girls were tired of riding so we figured that we would let them stretch their legs and get something to eat at the same time.

We drove around and decided to look up breakfast places with the GPS. It took us to a small restaurant right outside of the Downtown District, but that was ok. There were a lot of cars in the parking lot, which is usually a good sign, so we pulled in.

We walked in, the place was small with lots of diner style booths. No one greeted us but were told by a waitress in passing to sit wherever we would like. So we found a seat. We looked at the menu, decided on our food and continued to wait for a waitress. No one came. We waited for about 10 minutes without anyone coming and we decided that that was more than enough.

It was hard for us to believe that a restaurant in a tourist town could treat customers that way.

It looked like it was a restaurant that catered to the locals because we noticed that the waitresses would be standing at the tables, talking to the customers, laughing and having a great time, while we sat there waiting to be waited on.

The crazy thing is, we looked on Google and saw that the restaurant got 3.8 stars but only 25 reviews. I guess that was all the locals sitting in the restaurant that morning.

My sister and I decided to get up and leave. No one said a word to us as we made our departure, which was no surprise to us since apparently we were invisible that day.